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Drought has impacted on education. UNICEF reports that 79,807 children in Somalia are out of school and 175 schools in Ethiopia have closed due to drought.

NAIROBI, Kenya, September 25 (UNHCR) – More than 50,000 Somali civilians have fled to Kenya since the beginning of the year to escape continuing fighting and a prolonged drought.

The refugees have been arriving in north-east Kenya at an average rate of 6,400 a month, adding more pressure on the severely stretched facilities and resources in the Dadaab complex of camps, which currently host three times the population they were designed to hold.

In mid-August, UNHCR embarked on a programme aimed at decongesting Dadaab and started the relocation of some 12,900 refugees to Kakuma camp in north-west Kenya. Almost 9,600 refugees have been transported to Kakuma since then, but the camp population in Dadaab remains virtually unchanged. There are now 281,600 Somali refugees there.